Revolutionary Technique Offers Hope for Hair Restoration in Individuals of African Descent


(Adnkronos) – LOS ANGELES, Aug. 7, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — A groundbreaking study published in the Dermatologic Surgery Journal marks a significant turning point in the search for effective hair restoration among individuals of African descent. Titled "Follicular Unit Excision in Patients of African Descent: A Skin-Responsive Technique," this study introduces an innovative approach tailored to this demographics' unique hair and skin characteristics. New Skin-Responsive Hair Transplantation Technique Revolutionizes Treatment for Patients of African Descent Led by Dr. Sanusi Umar from the Division of Dermatology, Harbor-UCLA Medical Center, Torrance, and Dr. U Hair and Skin Clinic in Manhattan Beach, the study's multinational team of experts from seven countries introduces the skin-responsive follicular unit excision (FUE) device UGraft Zeus® (Manhattan Beach, CA). This cutting-edge device uniquely adapts to hair curliness, skin thickness, and firmness in hair transplant patients, setting a new standard in hair restoration procedures. Key findings from the study include: The skin-responsive technique achieves a remarkable success, with a mean graft transection rate of 3-6%, showcasing its effectiveness. Skin thickness and firmness were identified as crucial factors in graft attrition rates, with hair curliness influencing the outcome to a lesser extent. The Dr. UGraft Zeus FUE device consistently minimizes graft transection in all patients of African descent without exception, leading to high levels of surgeon satisfaction and a willingness to adopt the skin-responsive device for FUE procedures on African- descended patients. Dr. Umar emphasizes the significance of the study's outcomes, stating, "Our skin-responsive technique marks a significant step towards a universal hair transplant methodology that caters to the unique physiological characteristics of each individual." As the holder of several patents on UGraft Zeus technologies, Dr. Umar added, "In addition, we have created a universal scoring scale for accurately categorizing skin and hair characteristics of all individuals, irrespective of their ethnicity.  Recognizing the vast diversity of skin and hair characteristics within any given population, especially in the African-descended population, has been instrumental in resolving this long-standing hair transplant challenge. This innovation can potentially revolutionize hair restoration practices and improve access to this transformative procedure." The study underscores the importance of tailored medical approaches, particularly for diverse patient groups. As medical advancements continue to flourish, this breakthrough offers renewed hope for individuals seeking hair restoration, including those with Afro-textured hair. Media Contact:Sara HarutyunyanDr. U Devices
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